Six Things To keep your dog happy and healthy

Dogs give their people with so much love, affection, and companionship. Proper grooming is mandatory or necessary if you desire to keep the health and fitness of your dog. Usual grooming session will make sure that your dog will not simply look but sense or feel its best.  You should start a habit of grooming your dog even as it’s still a puppy so he will be familiarized to it rather than have problem getting utilized to it as an adult.

Never take your dog’s happiness or pleasure for granted. If you have a pet at home, always bear in mind that they are not just possessions. In fact, dogs have established time and again that they really are man’s best friend if raised the right way, meaning, with all the love and notice that they deserve. They are such loyal animals who could love you in return.

Here are some simple things that you can do to make your canine’s life healthy and happy

1- Show the dog your affection or love

It only takes a few minutes to pat your dog and play a easy game. Just a simple pat and tummy rub will let your pet know how much they are appreciated. These are just simple acts that would result to a happier dog.

2- Give your dog the freedom to run and enjoy the outdoors

Dogs are energetic and athletic by nature. Taking your dog to the park, to hiking trails or even just out in the yard will give him a possibility to exercise. With regular exercise, your dog’s zest for life will be enhanced.

3- Give your dog fresh clean water

Your pet’s water supply should be changed every day. It is one of the basic needs of dogs, just like humans. Avoid leaving water for days on end in bowls because stagnant water accumulates dirt and dust. Dirty or soiled water is a risk to your animal’s fitness.

4- Give your dog healthy food, especially its favorites

Dogs love meat because they are carnivorous by nature. They require foods rich in protein. You may hear people say that it is not good to give leftovers but it is really very well for as long as they are clean and safe for your dogs. Take note that there are foods safe for humans but dangerous to dogs. Bones are dogs’ preferred, but just give them large animal bones and not bones of fowls.

5- Provide your dog with bedding and shelter

If your dog stays outside most of the time, always make sure that it is offered with adequate shelter that would guard or protect him from the sun, rain, cold, snow and adverse weather. It can be a porch or a dog house or any structure that would serve as shelter. Clean bed should also be provided and changed every few weeks.

6- Expose your dog to people and other dogs

Dogs need to socialize. Because they are pack animals, nothing could make them happier than exposing them to other dogs as well as humans. A easy walk at the park can make this possible because you will surely find a number of dogs and owners spending their bonding time there.

Our dogs have been the source of many great times, much love, affection, protection, and companionship. It is our job and they look to us to make sure that they are cared for, fed, and kept as healthy as we possibly can. The happiness and health of your dog is very important to you, therefore, we have provided you with the following information to help you understand different aspects of a dogs health and you can stay them protected from accidents and health related issues.