Dog Breeds

Dogs play an important role or part in our lives. Dog is absolutely everyone’s best friend. They have been domestic since time immemorial and have aided man in hunting, herding, friendship and defense. In the recent times, they have taken up other roles, such as assisting military & police and aiding physically challenged persons.

Dog breeds types

To be precise, there are essentially two breeds that create all the difference. They are the “pure breed” and the “hybrid breed”.

The pure breed dogs are the ones who have long family histories and have not had a mix in its past. They are not allowable to mate with dogs of some other line of ancestry that would give out another line of breed. The hybrid breed, as the name suggests, are the ones who have at one point in time mated with dogs of some other breed and have thereby evolved in to a new breed. There are a lot of other breeds presently being development as well.

Categories of dog breeds

There are a variety of categories of dog breeds. They are mainly categorized by the work they do or the behavior prototype they display. A few of them categories are listed below:




-Fighting dogs

-Lap dogs


This list is just analytic and not complete. There are many other lesser known categories. Some breeds are also categorized based on alike types like Mastiffs.

Top 10 Dog Breeds and Their Most Common Traits

Dogs have different personalities or characters, and these will be shaped to some extent to by you and the environment you generate for you puppy. But you can predict the in-born personality of a dog by looking at the common traits of each dog breed. The bottom line is that you can minimize any problem, by simply taking the time to decide a dog breed that suits your personality and your lifestyle.
Here are the top 10 dog breeds (by popularity) and their most common traits to help you make a decision what type of dog is the best for you.

Labrador Retriever

Labradors are intelligent and family friendly dogs of medium size. They are debatable the most popular dog breed in the world and it’s no wonder. Labrador retrievers are the ideal dog for families with small children. They are not overly responsive or moody and they love being around young children.

If you’re the type who’s into loving dogs, choose a Lab retriever. If you have a family with young children this may be your best bet.

Yorkshire Terrier

Warmly known as Yorkies, they are small dogs but with big personalities. They are considered to be a “Toy Breed” but they are terriers – so they are still energetic and brave.

Yorkies are good-looking, but can be high-maintenance, mainly due to their look. They’re very independent and very smart. But they will need your daily attention – so if you are the type who has a lot of time in his hands, Yorkies would be ideal or perfect for you.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are medium sized herding dogs. They are mainly utilized  in police training and compliance schools, as they are highly intelligent, and have well developed guarding instincts.

This breed is tremendously loyal and very protective. German Shepherds are highly active dogs and would require larger spaces to live and for exercises. Also – because they are highly bright, you would not have any problems in training them. If you want your own watchdog, your best bet is to purchase a German Shepherd.

Golden Retriever

Same as a Labrador retriever, this breed is one of the friendliest, if not THE friendliest, around. Affable and good-nature or cheerful are the best descriptions for this type of dog that’s why children tend to like Golden Retrievers the most among all breeds. However, they are poor guard dogs because they can be very friendly even to strangers.


Beagles are scent hounds. Medium-sized and low-maintenance, they can make a ideal house pet.They love to bark and howl so you have to think twice if you live in a small apartment. They are neither too aggressive nor too friendly. But once you get their trust, Beagles can be one of the most loving breeds. Just remember, that like all dogs, Beagles are pack animals so they should not be left alone for too long or they will suffer from division anxiety.


This breed is generally entered in show dog contests because of its stature and physique. Boxers are alert and sporty, and are brilliant as companions or guard dogs. Despite its intimidating appearance, boxers are one of the friendliest dog breeds especially with children. Boxers love to be around with people whom they trust.

Select this breed if you have an already existing lively lifestyle, where you can afford to take your dog out to exercise at least 1 to 2 times a day.


This breed is also known as “wiener” dogs because of its similarity to a hot dog in regards to its shape. Don’t be betrayed by its appearance though dachshunds can make a terrific watchdog. Small but brave that’s the ideal way to explain this breed.

Dachshunds in universal are active dogs hunters. They love to chase anything that moves so you have to keep up if you desire to own one. They’re very lively and will even challenge any dog twice their size. There would never be a dull moment if you live with a dachshund.


Because of their appearance, poodles are regarded as high-maintenance breeds. But this is a ideal example of never judging a book by its cover, or in this case, by its coat.

Poodles are one of the MOST intelligent breeds. They’re easy to train, agile and very perceptive. But they also get bored with no trouble, so they often find themselves in trouble. Poodles are one of the only dog breeds that come in all three sizes: small, medium, and large so you can take your pick.

Poodles make for good companions, but are not excellent with small kids, so make sure you choose the right one.

Shih Tzu

They are small and dense, and fearless (as their name suggests – Shih Tzu = lion). Shih Tzu combine beauty and bravery, which generally means that you have to have a lifestyle which allows you to spend time daily not only walking him, but to groom them. Their long flowing coats usually need daily attention.

They are good-humored, active and clever. However, they are very hard to housebreak so it’s likely you’d need extra bit of patience and time with them.


Bulldogs are medium and stocky sized dogs. They are not generally perceived as lapdogs (and with their physical disposition who would) – but they would like to be… Their somewhat grumpy expression, may make you think that they are moody and hard to deal with, but you wouldn’t be further from the truth.

Bulldogs are very lovable and gracious, albeit with a bit of obstinate streak. They’re high-quality with children and get along well with other pets. So if you have a cat at home, bulldog might be the perfect companion not just for you, but for your cat too.

Most Popular Dog Breeds

Dog Breed Groups are categories of dogs that meet exact criteria like, skills, personality, health issues, grooming and more. Dogs that belong to a particular group are expected to have necessary characteristics in ordinary.

Over the years, environmental factors, such as changes in habitats, as well as other factors, such as cross breeding have resulted in the evolution of more than a few breeds of dogs. Many of these well-liked dog breeds are well known for their intelligence, loyalty and fun-loving nature. As it is, the following is a list of dog breeds which are very popular.

German shepherd

German shepherd, usually known as Alsatian, is a moderately new dog breed. It was originally developed for herding as well as guarding sheep. Due to its intelligence, strength and obedience, it is quite often engaged in military and police roles across the world. Its intelligence coupled with its fearless nature makes it an intelligent guard dog. No wonder, this breed is one of the most well-liked or popular breeds of dogs.

Labrador Retriever

This is another well-liked breed of dogs. It is a kind of gun dog and was originally developed for the retrieval of fishing nets. As it is, they are characterized by webbed paws which assist them while swimming. Like the German shepherd, this dog is also famous for its role in military and police roles. These dogs are very kind, sympathetic as well as loving to their masters.

Doberman Pinscher

Frequently known as Doberman, this is a popular breed of dogs. They were originally developed in the 1890s and were once commonly used as guard dogs, as well as police dogs. This has however lessened today. Nevertheless, they are alert, intelligent, as well as faithful companion dogs.


This is another popular dog breed and is widely believed to be one of the most intelligent breeds. This breed is found in a variety of sizes and coat colors. They were originally developed as water dogs. However, they today mostly play the role of companion dogs. This breed is skillful in several dog sports, which engage suppleness, tracking, obedience as well as herding.

Saint Bernard

Popularized by the blockbuster movie Beethoven, St. Bernard happens to be one of the most compassionate breeds of dogs. Initially used as rescue dogs in the ice covered terrains of the Italian as well as Swiss Alps, this breed has been credited to have saved many lives of people trapped in snow, during rough weather conditions.

How To Pick A Dog Breed

Buying a new dog can be an exciting experience. However, before buying a dog, you should research different dog breeds before selecting one.

Choosing the best dog breed for your family members or yourself is a very significant decision. A couples of the aspects that one that a person must take into consideration before making final decision:

-What exactly is the reason for buying a dog?

-In case you have little kids should you catch a large dog breed or a small dog of a dog?

-Which kind of dog is the most suitable for security of my family?

-In case I am sick and allergic to pet should I even now think about getting a pet?

-In case I needed to breed dogs, what kind of dog would be ideal for breeding?

-If protection is a primary consideration, what breed of dog will be most suitable to safeguard me or my family?

So, that you find it is not a simple choice to get to just head out and buy your dog. This can be a challenging choice and should not be gone on easily. Keep in mind – sensible dog owners make accountable decisions regarding pets.

The reason for having a dog is determined by the objective that you have decided for the pet. For instance – for house protection any kind of dog that barks will be acceptable. However, if your purpose is simply to stop thieves entering in your house, then you should take into consideration the Doberman, the German shepherd, or the Rottweiler. Just in case, if you think that size will prevent intruders from getting into your home, then you should consider a Newfoundlander, a Bouviers, or any kind of outdoors dog such as: Golden Retriever Chesapeake Bay Retriever, American Bully, or Labrador. Any of these ample breeding dogs will certainly stay away thieves from entering your house, as well as make fantastic family dogs.

At the end of the day, choosing the best breed for your personality and lifestyle is like selecting a mate you have to match or things will be hard. Please don’t be tempted to buy a puppy just because it looks cute do him and yourself a huge favor and learn a little about each dog breed.