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Cat beds (How to choose it and how to train your cat use it)

Cats like sleeping without being disturbed, so cat beds are just perfect for your feline friend. In addition, cats like sleeping on high places because they are hotter and higher temperatures are something your cat is very fond of.

Cats sleep the majority of the day so they really need a relaxed place to rest their head and body. The other benefit of cat beds is that cats like security. They like to have their own space where they know they are safe and will be left undisturbed. That’s exactly what cat beds offer them.

How to choose Cat beds

A cat bed is an essential item for any cat lover. Your cat is an important part of your family and they deserve a relaxed or comfortable, moderate place to sleep. Buying the right bed for your cat can also advantage you by encouraging your cat to stay off furniture and other places you may not want them to be.

  • Right size:

Imagine yourself sleeping in a small bed without any room to roll or move around while sleeping. It’s painful having your movements restricted because of the size of your mat. If you feel as such, then surely your pet also feels the same. In getting a cat bed, you should make sure that you get one that has the right size for your kitty’s comfort.

Not only should the bed be able to allow your cat to sleep happily, it should also have space large enough to allow your feline to stretch.

  • Right height:

Different cats have different needs in terms of cat mat. If you have small kittens or older cats that move slower, it would be more suitable to get a cat bed with a much lower height. This can allow the kittens or your old cat to move in and out of the bed entrance with ease.

You should also consider the height of the wall of your cat bedding. Cats feel more secured when they feel that they are hidden from sight. The walls of your cat bed are the best one that can provide them with this kind of feeling. You should make sure that the cat bed that you’ve got has a wall that is just the right height. It shouldn’t be too high, nor should it be too low.

  • Right comfort:

Cats often go for much softer beds. You can provide your cat with the utmost comfort by getting a bed that is made up of comfortable fabrics like cotton, wool and/or feathers. The softer the bed, the better it is for your cat. You should also make certain that the material the bed is made from does not pose as a threat to your cat. Synthetic materials made in some fabrics can cause allergic reactions with your cat. In order to avoid such problem, you should make sure that they are hypoallergenic, before using them.

  • Right durability and quality:

The mannerism of cats often shows that they love to scratch and bite different things. When they see a scratch post, the wooden post usually tears up a bit. The same goes for the cat bedding that you are going to purchase. Since it may be exposed to biting, scratching or other mutilations, you should make sure that you are getting the cat bed with great durability and quality to withstand the damages that may be following after.

How to train your cat to use beds

When you own the cat for the first time try to keep it confined in a small room. This gives you an opportunity look after them easily. The bed to sleep, dishes for food and water should be cleaned and placed in the room. A quite environment is need of the cat to overcome it fear and get accustomed to the surroundings.

The process of training a cat is considered to be impossible by many people. But most of the cats are naturally trained in the home and that makes the training easier for the pet. Cats can naturally remain very clean and should be always kept in a clean environment.

Cats are different and not all cats like to sleep in cat beds, preferring instead to curl up on a chair or windowsill. However, there are many ways you can encourage your cat to sleep in its new pet bed. For example you could put an old piece of clothing that has your smell on it into the cat bed or place a few of their favorite treats in there. This way they will know it’s a nice place to be.

If your cat likes to stretch out then you can buy a cat bed or you can get a pet settee style bed. The cat bed, in particular, is a good all-round pet bed as the high sides will give your cat a sense of security while still being able to have a stretch if the mood takes.